Phantasy Star Online 2 finally shows its face

by: Jeremy -
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I know that I may be in the minority here, but I was OVERJOYED when Sega announced that they were working on a true sequel to Phantasy Star Online. While I enjoyed Phantasy Star Universe, it failed to live up to the standards set by the Dreamcast classic. I poured, literally, hundreds of hours into the Dreamcast and Gamecube editions of PSO, but just didn’t feel compelled to put the same effort into PSU. Sega hopes to put fans’ concerns to rest in promising the sequel that we have all been waiting for in Phantasy Star Online 2.

Last week, the game was finally shown to Japanese press at an event in Akihabara. While I guess we won’t know until we play the game, it definitely has the “look” of a winner. The new game brings back all of the elements that made the original so replayable and such a hit: randomly generated battle fields and a focus on combat, combat, and more combat. The alpha testing phase for the game is scheduled to kick of this summer in Japan but below, thanks to 4Gamer and SegaBits, you can get your first glimpse of the action in a variety of screenshots and the first trailer.

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