Peyton Hillis is your Madden NFL 12 Cover Athlete

by: Dan -
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What can I say, I never thought that Hillis would make it to the second round, let alone be in the finals and win the damn thing. What it has proven beyond a doubt is both the loyalty and stupidity that Browns fans have when it comes to supporting their team. I mean, who WANTS their best player to be subjected to the Madden curse? Only in Cleveland I guess.  The voting wasn't even close, as Hillis took home 66% of the more than one million votes cast in the finals to beat Michael Vick for the Madden NFL 12 cover. 

Seriously though, congrats to Hillis and to LeBron James for allowing all of the Cleveland sports faithful to ignore the Cavs and the NBA playoffs to focus on getting Hillis this honor. Only time will tell whether the curse will claim another victim, but with this already being a crazy off-season with the lockout, I would guess that Hillis doesn’t make it out of the preseason without some sort of injury or bad luck. Check out ESPN’s over-the-top video of announcing the winner:

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