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Peter Molyneux's re-imagining of Populous barely reaches its goal

by: John -
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Peter Molyneux's having a rough few years seeing a lot of his games fail to reach expectations of both fans and himself really. His last project of a mobile cube game called Curiosity suffered from server issues. Peter's trying his hand at something he's had success with and this time he turned to Kickstarted to try and fund his game

Godus looks very much like ole Populous in the way its played. Followers build the towns and help fight for you. The more followers you have, the more powerful you are. Peter's company, 22cans, created a prototype to show off on Kickstarter to try and generate funds. 

Looking for £450,000, the project barely made its goal in the 30 days allowed with a few hours to go as of this writing. In a way, it's good to see some folks still have faith in Peter to produce a solid game. He has been pretty good with these types of games in the past so here's hoping he'll do good with Godus as well.