Peter Molyneux has left Microsoft

by: John -
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After finishing Fable: The Journey, Peter Molyneux is leaving Microsoft and going to a company called 22 Cans. Peter's done mostly Fable games for the Xbox platform while he was head of Lionhead.

Peter has been the head of some awesome games such as Dungeon Keeper, Syndicate, and Populous to name a few. I liked Black & White, but didn't love it even though he did give a pretty damn good demonstration of the tech at an E3 i was present at.

His track record at Lionhead seems to have ups and downs and I don't know if Fable is an IP I would put up there as one of his best. He's certainly made a lot of titles from that IP, but I don't know about it being as beloved as his other ones.

So, not much is known about 22 Cans other than they are hiring. Perhaps we'll know more in the coming months, but for now, he leaves a stable of The Movies, Fable, and Black & White games at a studio he started in 1997 after leaving Bullfrog.

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