Persona 4 becomes a fighting game

by: Jeremy -
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No this isn’t a joke.

Arc System Works has announced its latest project in Japan: Persona 4- The Ultimate in Mayonaka, which is a fighting game based on the classic Atlus series. The game being developed by the same team that handled BlazBlue with the cooperation of the Persona development team. The title has been announced for release in Japanese arcades in Spring 2012 with console releases on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 expected later in the year.

The new game will feature characters that fans will recognize from the third and fourth installments of the Persona series but will be set following the events of Persona 4. There are a total of 11 character slots listed on the official page and the character select screen of the game; perhaps more will be added as we approach the game’s official release. You can definitely see Arc’s influence on the visuals as this appears to be one of the most beautiful 2D fighters ever produced.

It is interesting to see a traditional RPG game get the fighting game treatment during the resurrection of the genre. Next year (2012) is filled to the brim with fighting games and this just makes another welcome edition to the roster. It is currently unknown if the game will ever see a release outside of Japan. In the mean time, imagine what could be of such a game and take a gander at the screenshots and first trailer for the project below:

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