Pepsi, Rock Band and me

by: Dan -
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Back in late June, I posted about the joint Pepsi and Rock Band promotion where they were giving away Rock Band Special Edition kits, RB tracks, trips to Harrah's and more.  Well, I decided to focus my efforts on obtaining as many of the 5,000 daily Rock Band tracks as possible to bolster my Rock Band catalog.  It was easy to obtain codes because, unlike most folks, I usually sit at my desk and put away a single Diet Pepsi 20 oz every morning instead of coffee.
What started out as me submitting codes and then winning three to four RB tracks a week eventually stretched into a consecutive win streak that was approaching 20+ submissions.  While this doesn't seem like much, there are only 5,000 codes being given away  Well, all good things must come to an end and this morning, at 8:17 a.m. EST I went for my 21st consecutive winning attempt to get a free track....and was rebuffed by the four cheese balls in the video on the website that tell you if you won or not.  Maybe now I will focus my efforts on winning the daily prizes, including the trip to Harrah's.  Still, getting $40 worth of Rock Band tracks for doing what I normally do on a daily basis isn't all bad.

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