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Frictional Games announced today that Penumbra: Overture has finally been released for Mac OS X (Just in time for Leopard). The game was previously available only on Windows and Linux and is a first person adventure. Also announced was the next title in the series, Penumbra: Black Plague would pick up where Penumbra: Overture left off. Check out all the details in the release after the jump:
Penumbra: Overture for Mac released

Finally we at Frictional Games can proudly present the finished version of Penumbra: Overture, previously released on Windows and Linux, for Mac OS X.

Penumbra: Overture is a first person adventure game, rendered in real-time with advanced physics, featuring an intriguing story with a dark and disturbing atmosphere. Penumbra: Overture has been considered to be one of the scariest games of 2007 and is now available as a universal binary for Mac OS X.

Our initial plan to release for all platforms within a short time period unfortunately didn't follow through as we encountered many difficulties with getting things to work properly on the Mac. But from a more positive point of view, most ground work has now been laid out, and for our future games we can commit to a continued support for all platforms.

For more info on Penumbra: Overture visit:

Download the demo of Penumbra: Overture from:

Buy the full game for $19.99 here:

A note on our next game, Penumbra: Black Plague
The story begun in Penumbra: Overture will find its conclusion in this years release of Penumbra: Black Plague. The game is set for a 12th and 15th US/EU release on Windows, with the Linux and Mac version following shortly after.

We have worked hard on improving all areas of the experience to make Black Plague an even better game than Overture. For all the information needed on Black Plague visit
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