Penny Arcade collaborates with BioWare to make a Dragon Age II in-game belt

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This is not the first time BioWare has done a collaboration with the Penny Arcade folks for their Dragon Age title. This time around, the collaboration for Dragon Age II is a Penny Arcade-designed belt called Hindsight with an ability as unique as its history.

The duo known as Gabe and Tycho have created a comic for the explanation of said belt, and it has been turned into a motion comic with narration. You can view the motion comic on the Dragon Age II Hindsight page, as well as get the in-game belt when you subscribe to the Dragon Age II newsletter.
Today, BioWare’s Dragon Age team and Penny Arcade have announced that they will be teaming up once again, this time to create an awesome in-game item for Dragon Age II, the belt called Hindsight. Penny Arcade’s Gabe & Tycho (artist Mike Krahulick and writer Jerry Holkins) designed a belt that would appear in Dragon Age II and had complete creative license for both the story behind the belt and a motion comic illustrating the belt’s history. They crafted a tale of Hindsight, a belt with both great power and a dark past.

Once Gabe & Tycho finished the comic and presented it to the Dragon Age II team, it has been turned into a full motion comic complete with full narration and sound effects. The full motion comic can be found, imbedded and shared from the Dragon Age II Hindsight webpage here:

Dragon Age II fans will be able to get Hindsight in game while playing Dragon Age II by subscribing to the Dragon Age II newsletter here:
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