Patience is a virtue (Duke Nukem Forever)

by: Jeremy -
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With all of the commotion surrounding the PR disaster / events with Duke Nukem Forever last week, I am glad to see some cheerful news about the game making the rounds...

Just about everyone knows about the extremely long development cycle that was involved with the recent Duke Nukem Forever; the game took more than a decade to move from concept to release. Regardless of what you may think about the finished product, some people were extremely excited for the game, especially a fan who goes by the name “slash000“. You see, this guy was so excited when the game was announced 10 years ago that he ran to his local Gamestop and reserved the title for the PC. Slash000 stuck with his order despite the numerous delays and cancellations and he held onto his reservation for nearly a decade.

Sure enough, now that the game has (finally) been released and Gamestop rightfully honored his order. Gearbox learned of his dedication and decided to reward him for his patience with a big bag of swag consisting of the following:
  • Duke Nukem Forever PC Balls of Steel Edition #10, Signed by the Development Team
  • Duke Nukem Headshot, Signed by the Development Team
  • Logitech G19 Keyboard with GamePanel LCD Screen
  • Titty City Pint Glass
  • Titty City Shot Glass
  • First Access Club Shot Glass
  • First Access Club Mouse Pad
  • DNF Belt Buckle
  • DNF “Steroids
  • DNF Mini-Lithograph
  • DNF gamerART Aluminum Mouse Pad
  • DNF Hoodie
  • Duke Burger T-Shirt
  • Hail to the King! T-Shirt
  • Come Get Some T-Shirt
  • random Gearbox Swag Bag
See, sometimes it pays off to have a little patience...

Source: Gamersmint

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