Patch 4.0 out today for SimCity

by: John -
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The fixing of SimCity continues as patch 4.0 should be delivered today. Looks like some fans of the game who purchased it early get access to a new park called SimCity Launch Park. It doesn't say what qualifies you to get this park as it just says early adopters will have access. Does it mean those that pre-ordered? Perhaps those that purchased before patch 1? Guess we'll know today. 

Leaderboards are finally back in. Sort of. They will be activated by regions so the first ones up are EU West 3, Pacific 1 and Pacific 2. The others will be rolled out in due time.

The last time I played was pre-patch 1 so it's been a while. I think I'll jump back in sometime to see how the game is after all the patching. It's got to be better, right?


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