Paradox takes us back to a different age with Salem

by: Jeremy -
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Last week at GDC, Paradox was showing off their new MMO entitled Salem. Set in a fictitious New England setting during the time in our history when fears of witchcraft ran rampant throughout the Eastern settlements, Salem will set the standard for consequences and actions. Not only does your character truly die when killed (no respawning here), but the game also has a heavy focus on its internal crime and punishment system.

There appears to be absolutely zero anonymity in your actions in this world; every character leaves a “scent”, which can lead anyone and everyone back to their actions and paths. THe game will help you track down culprits in the game world, but it will be up to you to decide how you are going to deal with them.

Maybe now you will think twice before mindlessly slaying chickens and livestock just for some random loot...

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