Paradox Interactive announces a War of the Roses launch stream this week

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Paradox Interactive has announced that this Tuesday they'll be doing a live stream for the upcoming release of War of the Roses as it launches on Steam.  The host will be senior producer Gordon Van Dyke and players will be able to chat with him pre-launch, then actually challenge him in-game once it launches.  To check out the launch day broadcast on October 2nd, head over to Paradox Interactive's official TwitchTV channel.

There is one little caveat to this whole thing though.  The press release says the stream starts at 5pm GMT / 9am PDT on October 2nd.  Wouldn't 5pm GMT be 3pm PDT?  Or 9am PDT would be 11am GMT?  Maybe I'm just reading that incorrectly or something.
LIVE War of the Roses Launch Stream Announced for October 2
Join in and Battle Against War of the Roses Developers and Special Guests

NEW YORK - September 28, 2012 – War of the Roses is barreling onto PCs everywhere on Tuesday and soon-to-be knights can join Paradox Interactive as they count down to the title’s release on Steam. Starting at 5pm GMT / 9am PDT on October 2, Senior Producer Gordon Van Dyke will host a live stream where players can chat with him pre-launch and then challenge the good sir knight in-game upon its launch. Accompanying Van Dyke will be a slew of guests, including internet personalities Tejbz, Maven, and 2GD, who will also join the fray come launch time, and will battle it out online with those deemed worthy. Or, just by whoever finds out which server they’re on.

To view the official War of the Roses launch day broadcast on October 2nd, visit Paradox Interactive’s official TwitchTV channel at: .

All future knights of the War of the Roses battlefields can now prepare themselves reading the Player Guide available here:
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