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CDV has released a new patch for Codename: Panzers, Phase Two which you can download here. The patch fixes a few bugs, tweaks some things in multiplayer play, and adds a few new maps.
New multiplayer features:
You can enter the staging room by double clicking
General and system messages are displayed with different colours in the chat window
The double-click option has the same functionality as "join option" for password protected MP games
Drop containers can be destroyed

New multiplayer maps
Team Match
(4 player) Hill
(4 player) Field

General Bugfixes:
Various display bugs occurring in cutscenes (when switching camera angles,etc) have been fixed
Errors while using campaign selection menu have been corrected
"Add Buddy" button in GamespyTitleRoom works now
Unit stats errors in headquarters menu have been fixed
Random crashes occurring upon loading savegames have been eliminated
The number of tanks available for purchase in Campaign and Skirmish mode has been limited to 10, no cheats possible
Sound problems using Creative Labs EAX Sound Drivers have been corrected
Memory leak issues have been fixed
Missing unit speeches added

Map fixes/changes

Single player maps:
al-07 Monte Casino (Enhanced gameplay speed)
al-08 Anzio-Cisterna (Enhanced gameplay speed)
yu-02 Running the Gauntlet (Better balancing)

Multiplayer maps:
Road to perdition (Modified landscape)
Fortress mania (Enhanced screen messages)
Gun-ho (Units can`t "go into" the railway gun)

Improved balancing for the following units:
Ge Marder II
SU Is-2
SU Isu-152
SU SU-85
US Dodge WC 57

Interface improvements
Small enhancements to overall UI
Fixed text issues
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