Pachinko For Charity is returning to PAX East this year

by: Nathan -
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Last year at PAX East, the AbleGamers Charity, which provides quality of life for people with disabilities by using assistive technology, set up Pachinko machines in the front lobby and allowed gamers to donate to the charity.

By paying a small fee, gamers were given Pachinko balls to try their luck at three different Pachinko machines. Think Plinko from The Price is Right combined with Peggle. The machines were all in Japanese since you will see most of them in Japan. I have no idea what I was doing but I had fun regardless and was happy to know that my money was going to charity. 

If you missed out on the fun last year, the good news is that Pachinko For Charity will be returning to PAX East in Boston next week from April 11th - April 13th. This year, the booth will include more games, more interactive opportunities and more chances to win awesome prizes. 

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