Pac-Man isn’t ready to retire

by: Jeremy -
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Pac-Man isn’t ready to call it quits yet and Namco sure isn’t going to let him...

In addition to the Pac Party game(s) hitting the Wii soon, Namco Bandai is also bringing the yellow icon back to the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in Pac-Man Championship Edition DX.

The new game is a followup to the Xbox Live Arcade title Pac-Man CE from a few years back. I have to be honest, I completely loved the original CE game and played it endlessly on both the XBLA and on my iPod Touch. Who would have thought that a classic game like Pac-Man could be reimagined in souch an impressive manner. Namco Bandai is hoping to work their magic on the title again with even more improvements and tweaks to the classic formula.

There are a couple of changes that that are being revealed for the game prior to release that should make the game even funner than before. First and foremost, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX now features a new offensive weapon for Pac-Man to use called a ghostbusting bomb. Players will be able to throw collected bombs out at pursuing ghosts and instantly send them back to the middle of the maze. Finally, we will have a method for dealing with being caught in a corner. The game will also feature a slow-down / time manipulation feature which cause the gameplay to slow down when ghost get close to Pac-Man; this is meant to give you a better chance to quickly maneuver through last second turns and twists in the maze with ease.

Oh, and the number of ghosts in the game... no longer limited to four. This time around, you will be fleeing from mobs of ghosts like you have never seen. The game is expected to launch on both downloadable services before the end of the year. You can check out a few screenshots below courtesy of Siliconera as well as a trailer for the game:

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