Pac-Man CE team bring the magic to Galaga

by: Jeremy -
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I have never been ashamed to admit just how impressed I was with the work Namco’d development team did on both Pac-Man Championship Edition and Pac-Man CE DX. The crew really did an incredible job in taking a simple, classic title and making it fun and fresh for a new generation. Now it seems as though that team is looking to do the same with Galaga for the title’s 30th anniversary.

Namco has released the first (Japanese) trailer for the upcoming Galaga Legions DX. As crazy as Galaga Legions was, this looks even crazier. Combining psychedelic graphics with non-stop action, the new version of Galaga looks to test even the most skilled of players. The team has also added a couple of new gameplay features included the ability to aim your fire and stack companion ships behind your’s.

The new game is coming to both the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network soon... count me in. 

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