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Pac-Man Battle Royale = Pac-Man Vs. + Pac-Man Championship Edition

by: Jeremy -
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 When was the last time that you got excited for a Pac-Man game?  The answer to that is likely "never"... unless you are over the age of 30. I can officially say that I am now excited for Namco's upcoming Pac-Man Battle Royale as details slowly start to emerge on the project.  The game was unveiled, as promised, at the recent Amusement Expo 2010 in Las Vegas.  

Details at this point are a little sketchy, but they do exist.  What was shown at the show was a 4-player cocktail table version of the game.  The game is a multiplayer game, for up to 4 players, that will focus on both competitive and cooperative play.  The game is said to incorporate elements of the Gamecube exclusive Pac-Man Vs. into the new environments utilized in Pac-Man Championship Edition. Players will traverse and ever-changing level seeking to eat as many Pac-dots as they can, eventually consuming enough to evolve into Super Pac-Man which allows them to consume their competitors as well.  
It sounds like a riot to me as I played the competitive Pac-Man Vs. endlessly back in the day.  Just the thought of owning one of those cocktail tables and having it in my personal living room makes me grin ear to ear.  It will be mine, oh yes.  You can check out some gameplay footage in the Youtube Video below thanks to ArcadeHeroes: