PSP and PSN to get Shin Megami Tensei simultaneously

by: Adam -
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Over ten years after gamers first got to experience the beginning of the amazing Persona series, and the hotly anticipated remake of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, the game that began the very popular Persona franchise will be finding its way to the PSP and PSN on the same day, September 22nd (both for $39.99).  However, Persona fans should know that only the PSP game's 2-disc soundtrack by legendary Shoji Meguro.  What also makes this the definitive version is that includes totally completely new content, music, and animated sequences (by Kazuma Kaneko), as well as enhanced visuals and sound effects, and improved gameplay balance.  So jot down a few exclamation points (heart, smiley face, whatever) on 9/22 on your calendar, and if you find yourself jonesing for more info on the game head on over to its website.
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