PSP Go pics leaked before E3 - Updated with Qore video

by: John -
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Well, here ya go. It's the PSP Go coming to you before E3. The unit has 16GB of internal memory and slides up to reveal a D-pad, analog stick, start button, select button, and the four traditional buttons. It won't be replacing the PSP-3000 as Sony is hoping for a co-habitation of the two handhelds for as long as possible.  Not sure I'm really enamored with the design but I guess I'll have a better opinion if we can see it up close in a few days.Is it me or this a little mylo-ish?

-Update- Engadget has the the video that was leaked to some Qore folks that show off the machine and talks about some of the specifications. Really, you just had to hold on for two more days Sony.
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