PSN sporting some Fancy Pants this Spring

by: Jeremy -
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EA announced that it was bringing the indie / Flash classic Fancy Pants Adventures to consoles earlier this year, but Sony has given us a better idea of when. The Official PlayStation Blog has announced that the game will be available through the PlayStation Network this coming Spring.

The PSN version of the game is being billed as much more than just a port of the original Flash game. The blog post was authored by Brad Borne, who actually created the original game back when he was in college. According to Brad, the PSN version will contain much, much more than the original game thanks both in part to the abilities of the PlayStation 3 as well as the assistance and support of the folks at Electronic Arts and Over the Top have given on the new port. Interested players can find a Flash-based demo of the new game at and get a little hint of what is in store come this Spring...

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