PS3 players finally getting Crysis 2 demo

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It seems as if the PlayStation 3 crowd has been left out in the cold as it pertains to the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo. Xbox 360 and PC players have been enjoying an early peek at the game for a while now and soon those of us in the PS3 crowd will be enjoying it as well. EA has announced that the PS3 version of the demo will hit the PlayStation Store on March 15, 2011, one week before the full game ships to retail. The demo version launching next week includes 2 maps (Skyline and Pier 17) as well as two separate multiplayer modes (Team Instant Action and Crash Site).

To prepare gamers for the final leg of the multiplayer demo experience prior to the retail release, EA has also released a series of videos highlighting the various progression features involved in the game’s numerous multiplayer modes. Crysis 2 will include many of the same perks and unlockables that gamers have become accustomed to with many recent FPS games. If you want to get a little bit of a headstart on your competition, check out the three videos below to learn about how the nanosuit plays into multiplayer battles, the various weapons you will have at your disposal, and the perks and skill assessments available to you over time.

Source: GamePro 

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