PS3 Dual SFX Frag Pro getting shipped mid-November

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As PC gamers love to point out, the mouse-keyboard combo really shines when it comes to first person shooters.  SplitFish agrees and is bringing the "mouse gaming design" to the PS3 with its Dual SFX Frag Pro Controller.  As you can see in the picture, there is a half controller for one hand and a 2000 DPI laser mouse for the other (both wireless, of course). 

It also gives the option for individual game configurations and can be used on both the PS3 and PC.  Looks interesting and it will be out before Modern Warfare 2 so grab it and get a one up on the competition.  More info can be found here.

SplitFish Announces Nov. 10 Ship Date
for Dual SFX Frag Pro Controller

Wireless PlayStation(r)3 Super Weapon Optimized for First-Person Shooters,
Arriving in Stores in Time for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Release

Zurich, Switzerland / Edmonton, Canada, October 16, 2009 - It is confirmed: SplitFish Ltd., will ship the much anticipated wireless version of their critically acclaimed FPS, PC crossover controller, the DUAL SFX FRAG PRO, in time to hit stores for Activision's® CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2 release. SPLITFISH first revealed this latest addition to its line of innovative controllers for PlayStation®3 to rave reviews at E3 and GAMESCON 2009, as part of SplitFish's brand-new Frevolution X System to be available worldwide in fall 2009. SPLITFISH will have the new WIRELESS DUAL SFX FRAG PRO and the DUAL SFX EVOLUTION both in stores by end of NOVEMBER 2009.

The DUAL SFX FRAG PRO brings all the best of the dominating FRAGFXv2 mouse gaming design in a DUAL WIRELESS COMBO. The new controller showcases a 2000dpi customized gaming mouse and FREVO "Fragchuck" and functions as a full featured wireless PS3 and PC gaming controller with programmable button configurations and adjustable mouse aiming that provides unprecedented levels of accuracy. It improves upon the tremendously popular FragFX, adding a dual wireless rechargeable system to the intuitive controller and a new "FRAG CONTROL CENTER" utility to adjust button configurations and sensitivity and save individual game configurations. The ergonomic, 2000 DPI laser mouse provides PC-like accuracy and easy PS Home navigation, while the left-hand grip provides full SixAxis motion control and a whole slew of customization functions and other special performance features.

The DUAL SFX EVOLUTION will ship by late November 2009. This is a revolutionary, wireless, upgradable, two part, FREVO - adjustable analog stick controller that promises a superior new level of intuitive experience for console gamers. The fully featured controller gives all the best analog stick control can offer PLUS it offers up assignable dual independent wireless motion for sixaxis or analog stick emulation as well as "wrist flick" button triggering. No other controller provides Sports and other Action game title fans this level of enhanced, intuitive, performance capabilities - made specifically for fan favourites like FIFA, MADDEN, H.A.W.X. and even has some fun functions for LITTLE BIG PLANET.

The Frag Pro can be purchased from any of our suggested retailers or ordered direct at:

For more information on the Dual SFX Frag Pro and other SplitFish developments , please visit:

About SplitFish
SplitFish is a developer of original patent pending video game hardware technologies that include the FragPro, Evolution, FragFX SE, FragFX Controller, EyeFX 3D Adapter, EdgeFX Controller, MotionFX Tilt-sensing Adapter, GlideFX Trackball Controller, and the DualFX Laser Gun. More information is available on the company web site:

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