PPC with some good locking HDMI cables?

by: John -
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Normally, I don't post news about cables but I have a few HDMI connections around the house. One of the things I hate about the HDMI cable is that there's no locking mechanism in the standard. Unlike say DVI cables where you can screw them in to keep them secure, it's not that hard to pull out an HDMI cable from the socket and I've found a few times where the cable has fallen out the back of my TV and sitting on the floor. Well PPC has an HDMI cable designed to lock more into place and provide up to 3X more retention strength than ordinary HDMI cables. Sign me up for one if the price is right!
The PPC Locking HDMI Cable first HDMI locking cable available on the market is now , see www.connect2ppc.com.

Perfect from home theater, HDTV, and gaming, the PPC Locking HDMI Cable is an industry-supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface, providing a connection between any audio/video source (set-top box, DVD player, A/V receiver, DTV, etc.) over a single cable. The cable features exclusive patented technology to hold it onto a port with a strength that is three times greater than found in conventional connectors, minimizing loosening and fall-out, thereby providing the most reliable, highest quality, pure HDTV video resolution and digital audio quality that customers expect.
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