PC version of Sleeping Dogs getting some nice goodies

by: John -
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If you have a good gaming PC, you'll want to pick up that version of Sleeping Dogs. The game will only be available through Steam here in the US, but you're Square's gone out of their way to include some great things for the PC version.

First up, a high res texture pack will be available for download so you can make the game much prettier. Also, the city will be include more people and activity compared to the console versions. The developers are aiming for a 60FPS at 1080P experience, but of course that's going to be dependent on your rig.

DirectX 11 features will be available to make the game even nicer to look at. If you don't have a DX11 capable card, you'll be able to drop down to previous DX versions as well.

Pre-orders will net you some Valve clothes for Sleeping Dogs and Sleeping Dog items for Team Fortress 2. All in all, this sounds like it's going to be a good PC port and I'm glad to see some developer taking their time to give the PC more attention given that it can do more than the average console.

Oh, and I do understand some of the things the cops were saying at the end of the video. :)

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