PC version of Modern Warfare 2 hacked for the console to be back in the game

by: John -
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My review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is finally done but alas the version I reviewed and was supplied was for the Xbox 360. So while the score reflects that version of the game, I have a feeling if I ever got the PC version to test that I'd be pretty harsh on the changes made to it.

Well, you can't keep hackers down as there are now ways to get the console back with a hack. Why is this important? Well, through my many times on a public server on the Xbox 360, there wasn't much you could do when someone's spouting racial slurs every few seconds or just hindering a team's performance by being a jerk.

The console will let you kick players who are being belligerent on the PC as well as tweak a few other things. It's a staple of many FPS games on the PC and it's good to see some folks trying to get it back in the game. I've read that some folks are working on a dedicated server hack as well. So, while Infinity Ward has decided to remove these options from the PC version, the underlying code is there and that usually means some person's going to find a way to make it available for others.

Now, we also might get dedicated servers soon.
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