PC version of GRID on sale for $4.99, proceeds go to charity

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Want a great racing game for cheap and help some charities at the same time?  Well the folks at Codemasters have put GRID on sale for $4.99 for the period of July 19-21st on Steam with the proceeds from the game going to help several UK game industry charities like GamesAid and tj work the folks at  through Nesta and the Livingstone-Hope review are doing.  Randy really dug the game the last time he worked here so this is a pretty solid deal even if the game is a little long in the tooth.

Codemasters’ charity drive aims to make a positive difference to good causes supporting education, sport, the disadvantaged and vulnerable in society

LOS ANGELES – July 19, 2011 – The BAFTA Award-winning circuit and street racing game GRID™ will be available for a one-time special offer of $4.99 from Steam later today, for a total of three days, with all profits from sales going to industry-supported charities and good causes, Codemasters announced today.

The PC edition of GRID will be available for $4.99 from the evening of Tuesday, July 19 through Thursday, July 21, 2011 (http://store.steampowered.com/app/12750/). The top-rated racer delivers the most powerful selection of cars – from current and classic, to circuit and drift – to players as they compete to conquer the most prestigious official circuits and race in city-based street competitions.

Codemasters recognizes there are many deserving cases and established charities that perform exceptional work in advancing the well being of young people and will donate profits from the charity drive promotion to such good causes. Codemasters will work with existing causes supported by the video game industry charity GamesAid (http://www.gamesaid.org/), as well as offering support to initiatives through Nesta and the Livingstone-Hope review (http://www.nesta.org.uk/).

"The monies will be directed to worthwhile causes targeted at young people. This will embrace education, sport and the disadvantaged and vulnerable in our society and will clearly demonstrate that video games make a positive difference to the lives of young people,” said Rod Cousens, CEO, Codemasters.

“We aim to support young people who have aspirations and want to develop themselves through knowledge and further education, particularly if it relates to media and technology in readiness for the opportunities that are open to them in the digital age. This may well take the form of opening up a career in the games industry and all that is has to offer.”

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GRID is all about the race. Every moment from the adrenalin rush at the start lights to the elation at the chequered flag – the tension, pressure, noise, and action. Featuring only the most powerful race cars – current and classic, circuit and drift – players will compete to conquer the most prestigious official race tracks and championships and then go beyond to compete in challenging city-based circuit competitions, through to road events and urban street races.

With races crammed with action and incident, high-impact moments will come at you thick and fast, one right after another: engine blows, tire blow outs, tight overtaking, accidents, opponent cars flipping, spinning, collisions with other cars and trackside objects.

Enter street competitions and race high-performance V8 muscle cars through iconic U.S. cities including San Francisco, Washington DC and Detroit. Race the famous European circuits in some of the most technologically advanced cars created. In the Far East, Japanese racing culture sets the tone where night races, including Drift racing, take drivers through neon illuminated cities and to outlying mountain roads. As the antithesis of the box-ticking, race game, GRID delivers races crammed with action and incident to create the most intense, the most aggressive and the most engrossing racing game for years. Whereas other titles may have lost sight that racing is the main event, in GRID everything builds up to creating an unparalleled race experience.
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