PC owners of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 can play Medal of Honor now

by: John -
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Do you have Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on your computer? I do. And if you do as I do, then you have access to the Medal of Honor beta as I do now. Do as I do and go to Steam and download the multiplayer beta.

I played this puppy at E3 and had a lot of fun. It should be very familiar to those that play Bad Company 2 as the game feels just like it. Seeing as it uses the same engine as well, you should be able to hop right in without any issues.

Seeing as Chuck's a huge Bad Company 2 player, I was expecting him to walk out of the EA booth with a prize for being first in the multiplayer session. You see, during the closed door demo, the folks there played against the QA team in an objective based map. I haven't played Bad Company 2 that much but I was able to walk away with some nice Oakley sunglasses for being first in the group for points in that playing session. I saw Chuck in the session after me and thought we would walk away with another first place prize. Yeah, not so much.
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