PC multiplayer for Modern Warfare 2 capped at 18 people

by: John -
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And here's another bad thing coming out of the whole no dedicated server setup that Infinity Ward's got. A chat on a Best Buy forum with a developer and an artist from Infinity Ward let loose that the maximum number of players for a multiplayer game on the PC is 18. Yes, the first Modern Warfare had 32 player support as most PC games in that genre do these days but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is stuck at 18.

Let me say that this really does feel like a step back for the series. One of the things I really enjoy when playing online on a PC is the fact that I can have a large group of people playing. Now some folks might think that it's not that big of a deal to go from 32 to 18 but for me it does feel like a let down. Infinity Ward said they wanted to do it for balancing reasons but I have a feeling that a big reason is also since one person has to be a listen server, the limited bandwidth in most residential connections went into this decision.

We see folks like DICE delaying Battlefield 1943 a bit to craft a better PC version and to up the player limit on the PC from 16 to 32 players yet Infinity Ward's going the opposite direction. My excitement for the game becomes less and less with each passing day though and for me it's disheartening to see how the company and series has changed. Maybe I'll get it in and forget all the things they changed. I certainly hope so but I am guessing a part of me is going to have these little thoughts in the back of my head when playing on what it's become on the PC side and what it could have been.

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