PC gaming at extreme resolutions

by: John -
More On: Windows 8
Would you like to game at 11520x210 resolution? That's what the Microsoft team did when building a rig that costed over $17,000. It's running a ATI Radeon 7970 video card, which is a dual GPU video card. Three Sharp 4K monitors are attached and the demo shows Dirt 3 with the game running in triple monitor mode at 30Hz at medium to high settings.

Dropping down to one monitor, they demo off Dirt 3 at 60Hz with high settings. He does pop in another ATI Radeon 7970 card and the resolution is set at 3840x2160. 

Yeah, I want those monitors. I'd love it though if they ran at 120Hz (I'm spoiled by my ASUS 120Hz monitors), but even at 60Hz I'd be happy.
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