PAX East totally sold out

by: Chuck -
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If you were planning on going to PAX East next week and haven't purchased tickets yet you're out of luck as the show is completely sold out.  There are absolutely no tickets left for sale so if you don't have tickets you're going to have to hope they free up a few extra tickets the days of the show or hope that you can find someone who's scalping tickets.
BOSTON – March 19, 2010 – Badges for PAX East 2010 are officially, 100 percent sold out. We all knew it was going to happen and it finally did.

The strong response from fans shows the strength of the gaming community on the East Coast.

PAX East has attracted gamers of all walks of life with a wild variety of attractions. PC, console, tabletop and pen-and-paper fanatics will make new friends in the free-play areas, scavenge goodies in the expo floor and enjoy the legendary music concerts PAX is known (and loved) for.

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