PAX East schedule posted - Be sure to save Friday at 3:30 open

by: Chuck -
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The schedule for PAX East has been posted and there are a ton of great panels to go to.  Of course you've got the Keynote from Wil Wheaton but you might also want to check out the panel that has game journalists and game developers facing off.  Or you could find out how Infinity Ward and Microsoft are using Twitter to reach out to their customer base.

Of course the best panel is probably the one that's going down Friday at 3:30 in the Naga theatre.  Titled "Puppet Masters - The not so Invisible Hands of Video Game PR" it's going to have some of the best PR people in the industry talking about their craft.  The panel is being moderated by some hack EIC but you should still attend just to get the scoop on what goes on behind the scenes.
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