PAX East 2014: Hands on with Race The Sun and the Oculus Rift

by: Nathan -
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I played Race The Sun at PAX East last year and I absolutely loved it. I heard that Race The Sun would be at PAX again this year but this time, they would be showing off the game with Oculus Rift support. 

First thing I would like to say is that the Oculus Rift is legit. When I put that headset on, I really felt like I was in the game world. The easiest way I could describe it is that it's almost similar to watching an Imax movie where the entire screen takes up your entire vision. The big difference of course is that the Oculus is a virtual reality headset. When you move your head with the Oculus, the game moves as well giving you the great perspective that you are actually there and you are actually looking around the game world. 

As soon as the game started, I was blown away. I was flying through the map and even though I was sitting in one spot, it felt like I was flying. If I were to ever play this at home, I feel like putting a fan in front of you while you play would further the experience. Over the last year and bunch of new features has been added to Race The Sun including the ability to jump. Let me tell you, when I jumped in the air and then started falling to the ground, I honestly felt like my actual body was falling and it was a pretty crazy experience. Finally the most terrifying part of the game with the headset. For those who haven't played Race The Sun, you need to avoid obstacles while flying through the area. When I hit a wall, I instantly turned away and flinched, thinking I was about to get into a serious car accident. 

Race The Sun is already an amazing game that I highly recommend people check out but the Oculus Rift support has made the experience even more amazing. This is the perfect game that I feel people should check out if they want to be sold on the idea of the Oculus Rift. 

Another bit of amazing news is that Race The Sun will be coming to PS3, PS4 and PS Vita this Summer and will be cross buy. Buy it on one and you get all three versions. 

This game and a couple of others I played at PAX really sold me on the idea of the Oculus Rift and I cannot wait until it's available for consumers to buy. 

Race The Sun is currently available on Steam for $9.99.

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