PAX East 2013: Lynx2Games a new way to buy and rent games

by: Nathan -
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Lets face it, games are extremely expensive these days. With tons of great titles coming out year round its hard to come up with $60 constantly to play them all. One company however wants to help you cut some of the cost of buying games by getting two people to share the cost of a single game. 

Its called Lynx2Games and I stopped by their booth at PAX East 2013 to see exactly how company will help gamers save some money. 

Lynx2Games works on a "buying buddy" system in which two people are needed to buy a game. You have two options you can choose from. You can choose to rent the game. If you choose this option you only pay $19.99 of the total games cost. You play the game for three weeks and then you ship it off to your buying buddy who keeps the game forever. The buy option part of the program has you only paying $39.99 of the total cost. Then all you have to do is wait three weeks and you will receive the game from your buying buddy. Now paying $20 to rent a game for three weeks may sound expensive but you would actually save over 50% compared to if you were to rent elsewhere like a Redbox which charges you $2 a night per rental. 

In order to find buying buddies Lynx2Games uses Friendsheet that connects users with other members of the community. You can only connect with other gamers via your Facebook and twitter accounts. 

I found this to be a very interesting idea and I hope it catches on. Anyway to save money on games is great in my opinion.

For more information, be sure to check out their official website
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