PAX East 2011:Day 1 recap - GamersGone Wild, no really

by: Ben Berry -
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Each convention has it's own challenges; it's own individual nuances as to what makes it interesting; and PAX East is no exception. The challenge for me at PAX East, is that I live in Boston, so it's just as likely that I'll be running my wife somewhere as it is that I'll be meeting with a press representative for the newest hot game. Day 1 of PAX East was no no different; My wife was sick, her cell phone broke, and I was also playing role of out-of-town GN coordinator. I'm really glad Tina Amini was able to get into town for PAX, and so I was more than happy to play host and tour guide. It just meant a little extra work.

Even with all that, I had time to hit the XBox Tweetup, say hi to some friends, tour the show floor, and meet with the fine folks at Fire Hose Studios and Mimoco. I'll detail Slam Bolt Scrappers and the MIMOBOT designer flash drives in their own posts, along with another game I learned about just wandering the floor.

The post show hours last night were perhaps more interesting with a visit to a couple of parties, with a bunch of stuff I can talk about, and a few I can't. Between the Bethesda party for their upcoming title BRINK, and the Gamers Gone Wild event, I didn't get home until late enough that it definitely felt like I was at an out of town con. I also picked up a bunch of swag, some of which we'll be sharing with you; our readers
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