PAX East 2011: Day 2 11 PM Checkin

by: Ben Berry -
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On the last night of a conference, I have been know to (in no specific order):
  • Stay up literally all night, with just a power nap at 6 AM to get me through the last day of the show
  • Turn the 4th floor elevator lobby of a hotel into a full service bar
  • Make $1,500 playing Let it Ride at Monte Carlo casino
  • Meet a girl and stay up all night talking
  • Ride the swag wagon until the wheels fall off
  • Party with 10,000 people on the hill overlooking Dodger Stadium in the most epic end to an E3 that has ever happened.
Sadly, I have to say that my stories from this convention will mostly pale in comparison to the stories from the past. I left the show floor early today to watch the hockey team my wife is the athletic trainer for play (and win) their NCAA quarterfinal game. While there's a lot of excitement around these parts because of that, I'm not completely enthused because I left the game feeling a bit under the weather. So much so that I actually skipped the Bioware Star Wars: The Old Republic community party to stay home and rest. I guess with everything I've been able to accomplish in just over six years of conventioneering, that sooner or later I was going to get sick and have to slow down at least once.

The silver lining is that I've started catching up on my reporting from 2 days of the convention and won't spend Monday and Tuesday feverishly trying to finish all the posts I'm behind on. Tomorrow should be a good day, as I'm hoping to hit a few of the panels, play some games I haven't gotten hands on with yet, and to say goodbye to some friends, both old and new.
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