PAX East 2010: The stupidest person at PAX

by: Chuck -
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For the most part the gamers at PAX are a fairly smart, decent bunch but like society at large there are a few rotten eggs.  The biggest idiot of all of them however was the guy who decided to attend the Microsoft Xbox Live Enforcement Panel and ask to have his gamerscore returned after admitting to pirating Forza 3.  While that takes some big brass ones it's also probably the stupidest thing you can do as the folks at Microsoft have zero tolerance for this kind of scum.

Apparently this wasn't enough as the idiot then attempted to steal the code for Breach, from the company's booth no less.  Once he was caught by the police they found an entire collection of modded consoles and handhelds which should earn the guy a very nice little stay in prison or at least the loss of all his illegal wares.

I have to admit that you really only see this level of stupidity in certain places and right now I think we can safely say this was the stupidest guy at the show (although the guy who dressed as Princess Peach still wins the "Umm...yeah" award).
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