PAX East 2010 - TRITTON Technologies

by: Ben Berry -
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Prior to reviewing the TRITTON AX Pro headset almost a year ago, I’d never heard of the company. It was their initial product offering and the community went nuts for it. Along with the Astro A40, it was the top of the line in professional quality headsets. No where was that more evident than at PAX East. While Astro may be the official headset of PAX, you wouldn’t have known it by looking at the TRITTON gear being used in almost every booth on the show floor.
I met with the TRITTON folks at CES and went through their current and upcoming product offerings. Obviously with just a couple of months having passed, not a ton has changed, but they did manage to bring a few new surprises; the biggest of which being the TRITTON Gaming Backpack. It’s a bag for carrying your console around, designed with the 360, PS3, or Wii. It includes several separate pouches for controllers, games, and especially the AX line of headsets, including the AX Pro.
TRITTON was definitely making some noise with the VIP tour buss it shared with GUNNAR, including standing on top to toss swag to the crowd and make announcements. Their booth wasn’t making as much noise as their hardware has in the industry, but it wasn’t too many decibels of difference.

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