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by: Ben Berry -
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My last appointment of the weekend at PAX East was with Hudson Entertainment. I’ve heard about several of their games including Calling and Deca Sports DS from our recent reviews, but I wanted to take a look for myself. My wife was kind enough to join me for a short time at the convention and she came to the appointment with me.
We started by taking a look at Military Madness, which looks like a nice little turn based DLC game. It allows you to play up to 4 players head to head on XBL, PSN, or WiiWare. You command your forces against the enemies by utilizing commanders who have any of 20 unique command skills, terrain advantages, and nearly anything you’d expect from an action strategy game.
Several people were taking a look at Deca Sports DS, but we took the time to play ping pong. They had the DS hooked up to a larger TV and it was an enjoyable experience, but I think Chuck’s review was pretty much spot on with this one, even from the limited experience I had.
Next we looked at Calling, which honestly I think Cyril may have been a little hard on. Rachelle played for about 10 minutes at the booth and really liked it. Sure she’s not as experienced or jaded as some players, but she loves suspense and horror movies so she’s got a pretty good background to go against. I’ve already been instructed that we’ll be picking this one up, so maybe I can follow up Cyril’s review with some thoughts of my own.
Rooms: The Main Building was next on our list and frankly I wasn’t very excited about this one. You know those little puzzles where you slide the tiles around to make a picture? This is the premise of Rooms, except with the fact that they added in a character to maneuver through the tiles to reach the exit of each of 100+ rooms. For addicts of puzzle games I’m sure there’s some real enjoyment there. I’m just not that into those kinds of games.
The final game we looked at was Diner Dash. I think everyone in the world has played some version of this game. What Hudson has added to this game that I haven’t seen before are competitive and co-operative modes where you add items to that help keep customers waiting patiently and providing more serving space to your diner.
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