PAX 2009 - THQ has best PR stunt ever

by: Chuck -
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You have to give credit to the folks at THQ for coming up with what has to be the best PR stunt for a game ever as they've rigged up a mechanical bull to help promote Darksiders. The bull is supposed to be Ruin, the horse from the game but at underneath all the foam it's one of the mechanical machinations that's been terrorizing drunks in bars for years.

I've seen a lot of interesting things at press events but this is the first time I've ever signed a waiver to participate in one (and that includes a paint ball event). After turning in the paperwork, taking off my shoes, and removing loose items from my person I entered the inflatable area around Ruin and hopped up into the saddle. I managed to survive the first minute or so before the operator gave me the chance to leave with my dignity. However I was emboldened by a combination of hubris, jet lag and sleep deprivation and volunteered for stayed on the horse for another round.  This time I lasted about 20 seconds before being catapulted off and into the plastic surface of the protective arena.

That said I highly recommend riding the thing if you get the chance as it's a lot of fun. I'm still waiting to see if we'll get reports of journalists or gamers who are injured by the thing but congrats to THQ for coming up with the most unique and interesting non-gaming thing at PAX.

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