Ozzy to close out May Rock Band DLC...what do you want to see?

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Earlier this week, we posted some highlights form Harmonix’s Chris Rigopulos interview he did with Game Informer. One of the topics was that Ozzy Osbourne was planning on re-releasing both Diary of a Madman and Blizzard of Ozz near the end of May and would be hitting Rock Band DLC around that time. With Lady Gaga on the schedule for next week and only May 31st remaining, we can expect to see an official announcement about Ozzy within the next week.

What we don’t know yet is what and how many songs will be made available, as both re-releases include several special editions of songs as well as many liv versions. However, I am thinking we will get a nice quantity of songs, possibly up to six to eight tracks. About a year ago, we had the Ozzy Osbourne 1 pack come down the pipeline and it had six songs in it including "Crazy Babies", "Diggin' Me Down", "I Don't Wanna Stop", "Let Me Hear You Scream", "No More Tears" and "Soul Sucker." We also already have access to Black Sabbath and Ozzy songs on game disks including “Paranoid” (RB 1) and “Crazy Train” (RB 3.)

Not counting the Black Sabbath knockoff tracks, I kind of expect to get one version (studio or live) of at least four to five of the below tracks from the re-released albums, with maybe a surprise or too tossed in.

“Crazy Train” (Live version on Diary of Madman re-release)
"Flying High Again" (Live on Diary of Madman re-release)
"Iron Man" (Black Sabbath cover Live on Diary of Madman re-release)
"Children Of The Grave" (Black Sabbath cover Live on Diary of Madman re-release)
"Paranoid" (Black Sabbath cover Live on Diary of Madman re-release)
"Mr. Crowley" (On Both albums, Live and studio versions)
"I Don't Know" (On Both albums, Live and studio versions)

A couple of songs not on either re-release that we are still waiting for include:

“Shot in the Dark”
“Mama, I’m Coming Home”
“Mr. Tinkertrain”
“Close my Eyes Forever” (duet with Lita Ford)
“See you on the Other Side”

What do you all think, and which songs would you like to see? Leave us a comment and let us know….
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