Over-4-year-old veteran rewards for City of Heroes

by: Randy -
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Been playing City of Heroes for a long time and got nothin' to show for it?  NCsoft can fix that.  If you've shoveled 51 months of your life away into your super-heroic alter-ego, you'll receive the veteran Tried and True badge, plus all of the City of Villains pre-order helmets as costume pieces.  That's the Red Wolfspider Helm, Wolfspider Helm, Mu Mystic Helm, and the Crab Spider Helm.

But forget those 51-month newbs.  If you've reached a 54-month milestone, you'll receive the even-more-vetaran Allegiant badge, and will be able to choose an extra power from either the 12 month reward (Sands of Mu or Ghostslaying Axe), or the 33 month reward (Nemesis Staff or Blackwand) -- whichever hasn't already been chosen.
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