Over 1000 3D Vision supported products

by: John -
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Whether 3D takes off or not, NVIDIA's got a lot of stuff for you to try out their 3D technology with. They posted on how over 1000 products now support 3D Vision spread across laptops, games, projectors, cameras, and other things.

I've been a fan of the GeForce 3D Vision since checking it out at CES a few years ago and I've been playing plenty of games since using the technology. Some work really well, while others don't but when it does work, it's a sight to behold. I've even taken part in viewing a few of the broadcasts that were streamed online with some varying degrees of success.

They are coming out with 3DTV Play soon, which will let you attach your computer to a 3D capable TV via HDMI 1.4a and allow you to enjoy 3D content on the big screen If you're already setup with 3D Vision gear, all you need is a TV then with 3DTV Play. I'm almost tempted to upgrade my TV so I can enjoy Left 4 Dead 2 and StarCraft II on a big screen TV.
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