Our first look at Tekken X Street Fighter

by: Jeremy -
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While we are still waiting to see the actual game, Capcom and Namco have released the first “image” from the upcoming 3D fighter, Tekken X Street Fighter. Kotaku and the Capcom Unity Blog have posted some shots which were shown at the Gamescom event where the game’s producer Katsuhiro Harada showed off an early prototype of Ryu’s in-game model from the title. As shown in the shots below, the 3D version of Capcom’s fighting icon is based strongly on his Street Fighter 4 representation.

Unfortunately, both Namco and Capcom’s version of the crossover fighter are literally “years” away; I was really hoping that we would see some footage from the 3D iteration out of the Gamescom event but this will have to suffice. Could we finally have our first good 3D Street Fighter game?

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