Other games will struggle to achieve succeed the graphics of Crysis 2 on the PS3 says Crytek

by: John -
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Crytek just released a teaser of Crysis 2 and for those on the PlayStation 3, Crytek thinks that another developer will struggle to beat the quality of the graphics of the game. Crytek thinks that any game developed after using the CryEngine 3 will not improve on graphics but more so in physics, interaction, and graphical elements. Now, it remains to be seen if some company can develop an engine that rivals CryEngine 3 if this is the case.

That's a pretty bold statement to say that another company's going to struggle against them. We've seen how nice the graphics can get on the PS3 with God of War III, Killzone 2, and Uncharted 2. Now, we're a few years into the PS3's life cycle but I would expect some smart company to leverage some more power out of the thing. But, time will tell if Crysis 2 will be the pinnacle of graphics for the Sony system or if something else will come out to surpass it or even if it's the best looking game on the PS3 when it is released.
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