Origin to offer full refunds on games if you aren't happy with them*

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EA just made Origin interesting again with the "Origin Great Game Guarantee", a new program that will allow people who buy games through Origin to get their money back if they aren't entirely happy with their purchase.  Of course certain conditions apply for this as EA isn't going to allow you to buy games, play them, and then get a refund. 

In order to get your money back you must request the purchase within 24 hours of the first time you launch the game or within seven days of when you purchase the game from Origin.  If you preorder a game you must request the refund within seven days of launch, or within 24 hours of launching the game for the first time.  We've seen deals like this in the mobile space for a while as Google allows you to get a refund on most app purchases within the first 15 minutes of purchase if you are unhappy with something your purchased.

The full details of the deal are up at Origin but this seems like a good first step towards giving gamers the ability to get their money back if they aren't happy with their purchase while protecting EA from people just buying games and returning them immediately after playing them.  This does seem like a nice hedge for gamers in the event that EA releases another game like SimCity which had a lot of issues at launch.

It will be interesting to see if Steam comes up with some kind of similar plan for their users or if this idea catches on with Microsoft and Sony in how they are selling digital games on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.  Either way, it's an interesting idea and it will be fun to see how it evolves. 
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