Orc Attack gets a trailer, box art, and some new info

by: Russell -
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If there's anything that most (if not all) fantasy or RPG games have, it's orcs.  Since the days of Dungeons & Dragons and all throughout the years, orcs seem to be everywhere...okay, not really, but I'm pretty sure we're all familiar with what an orc is by now.  However, you're typically the one fighting against the orcs as opposed to being the orcs (with a few exceptions here and there).

In Orc Attack though, you play as the orcs in a battle against the humans.  Orcs have become victims of a brutal human expansion as they (the humans that is) have poisoned the environment.  In either single-player or up to four-player co-op, you must take the fight to the humans in a...shall we say, unique gaseous ability.  The orcs take the fight to the humans later this year on PC, PSN, and XBLA.

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