Operation Raccoon City offers a fresh take on the Resident Evil franchise

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Slant 6‘s Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was announced a few weeks back officially but it wasn’t until this morning (well, last week at Captivate) that the world actually got a good look at the new installment in Capcom’s classic franchise. The new title will be taking the series in a drastically different direction than the previous titles as it is a third person, squad based shooter.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will launch this coming Winter for the Xbox 3260, PlayStation 3, and PC tells a tale set back during the events of the second and third games. Players will assume the role(s) of Umbrella Security Service members and partake in an operation to :limit” the effects of the outbreak in Raccoon City. The game will feature both a robust single player campaign as well as 4-player cooperative gameplay. The game will visit iconic landmarks and locations known from the original games and present a story that we already know (and love) from a completely new perspective.

Capcom is still holding back from showing us any true gameplay from the title but has released a slew of screenshots and art from the game which you can find below: 

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