Operation G.H.O.S.T trailer takes me back

by: Jeremy -
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Oh, how I miss the arcade scene...

Back when I was what many would consider and arcade-rat, spending most of my free time tucked away in various arcade establishments such as Aladdin’s Castle or Putt-Putt, one of my favorite genres was the arcade (light-gun) shooter. Some games, such as Sega’s various on-rails shooters such as the Gunblade series or any one of the Virtua Cop games became major “time-sucks” for me. Given the availability of peripherals such as the Wiimote and the PlayStation Move, I am really shocked that we haven’t seen more of a resurgence for the light-gun shooter genre than we have...

That fact hasn’t stopped Sega from continuing some of their classic light-gun series in Japanese arcades though and they are getting ready to release a new one in the form of Operation G.H.O.S.T. This game is a direct sequel to Sega’s G.H.O.S.T. Squadron, which you can still find in places such as Dave and Busters or Gameworks. The first official trailer for the game has been released by Sega Amusements and really brings back some fond memories of the great light-gun games of the past.

I would think that something like this would be prime for at least a digital release on each of the consoles in today’s market, but maybe that is just me.

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