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In a clever bit of marketing, Namco America has launched a demo application for the Apple iPad to promote its new arcade game, Pac-Man Battle Royale. An iPhone demo of the game is expected later this month.

The interesting thing about this release is that the game is not planned for either of these platforms. Pac-Man Battle Royale is currently slated to be exclusive to the arcade(s) with stand-alone, multiplayer cabinets. The iOs application lets you try out a quick sample of the game and will then provide you with a link to the official Facebook page where you can find more information about the title and even locate machines in your area if you want to experience the real deal. You can read Namco’s full press release regarding the iOs applications on the next page.

NAMCO AMERICA INTRODUCES iPad / iPhone promo apps for Pac-Man Battle Royale

Namco America is excited to announce their first iPad / iPhone app specifically designed to drive players to a game location. In conjunction with the release of Pac-Man Battle Royale, the free iPad demo will be available from the iTunes store on January 28th. Players who download the app will be introduced to the new hit video with a 1 round teaser game. After the round they are directed to the Pac-Man Battle Royale Facebook fan page where they can find the “Real Deal” in a game location near them. Going live in mid February, the iPhone app will have the game demo and a location finder that will use the iPhone to direct them to mapping that will lead them to a nearby location. Operators can register their locations or players themselves can “drop a pin on the map” and register new locations that they find.

“Pac-Man games have always been one of the most popular mobile apps. Tapping into the huge Pac-Man fan base through their mobile devices in order to introduce them to this brand new coin-op experience is something we have been looking forward to. Since Pac-Man Battle Royale is a completely new type of Pac-Man game play, we wanted to expose the concept to as many new players as possible. What better way than to give them a free taste on their iPhone or iPad then drive them to a location to complete the experience” said Frank Cosentino Namco’s Senior VP. Once the fans get a taste of eating other Pac-men, they never stop!

Pac-Man Battle Royale, the first 4P VS Pac-Man game where you can feast on your friends… is available now.

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