One of the two new XCOM games has been delayed until next year

by: John -
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And it's probably not the one you thought of. The FPS XCOM has been pushed back to 2013, according to Game Informer. This leaves the recently announced turn-based strategy game, Enemy Unknown as the only XCOM game to be released this year.

Now, the showings of XCOM has been met with criticism from long time fans of the series, but the announcement of Enemy Unknown seemed to have brought those fans back into the fold.

Enemy Unknown looks to be in good hands with Firaxis, so I'm not worried about that game. The FPS one was the one I had reservations with. But, it looks like I won't experience that one until next year.

For now, we're on tap to go back to moving and killing aliens one step at a time, as long as we don't hear about Enemy Unknown getting delayed.

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